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    Before registration


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    Before registration

    Post by Łorena on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:03 pm

    Before you register:
    1. You need to pick a name (first and last name). The name can contain your real first name and last name (but if you don't want to use your real name or last name just pick the one you like). For last names you can use: Hood, Hemmings, Clifford, Irwin and others..
    2. Forum is for 5SOS fans(if you're not 5sos fan then you can't register) and for sure you can like other bands and stuff because we'll all talk about it.
    3. If you're not a fan of 5SOS and you want to insult them, I recommend you to better stay away from this forum. We don't want problems.
    4. When you register you need to pick a group where you want to be(Ashton's lane for Ashton girls, Calum's lane for Calum girls, Luke's lane for Luke's girls, and Michael's lane for Michael girls.
    5. I made this forum for you people, so you can meet new ones. Have fun!


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